The scientific program of ICPIG covers nearly all aspects of phenomena in ionized gases. It explores the fundamentals of plasma elementary processes, basic data and discharge physics (including transport and interaction with walls), as well as applications. Topics include plasma processing of surfaces and particles, high pressure and thermal plasma processing, development of radiation sources, plasma medicine, plasma assisted combustion, atmospheric and stellar plasmas, environmental protection and pollution control, plasma aerodynamics, and non-thermal plasmas in fusion devices.

In total ICPIG covers 18 different types of topics withing 4 different categories. A detailed list of the ICPIG scientific topics can be found here.

The working language of the conference is English.

ICPIG 2017 introduces a new format in the scientific program, consisting of 6 invited General Lectures (GLs, 40+5 min duration), including the von Engel & Franklin Prize Lecture, 29 invited Topical Lectures (TLs, 25+5 min), and 36 Oral Contributions (OCs, 15+5 min) corresponding to a new type of contributionThe ICPIG 2017 scientific program is completed with 4 Poster Sessions and 1 Special Session.

See below the final program of ICPIG 2017.

program - timetable