MONDAY, July 10, 11.00-12.30, Room 1

  • 11.00-11.30, T. Kaneko (Japan)
    Gas-liquid interfacial plasmas for novel gene transfer systems 
  • 11.30-11.50, J. Chauvin (France)
    Cell death mechanism on human colorectal cancer after PAM (Plasma Activated Medium) treatment
  • 11.50-12.10, D. Diver (UK)
    Efficacy of plasma-generated ozone in bioburden decontamination
  • 12.10-12.30, E. Benova (Bulgaria)
    Surface-wave-sustained plasma for model biological systems treatment

MONDAY, July 10, 11.00-12.30, Room 2

  • 11.00-11.30, M. Nistor (Romania)
    Pulsed electron beams for thin film deposition 
  • 11.30-11.50, J. Röpcke (Germany)
    Spectroscopic study of low pressure, low temperature H2-CH4-CO2 microwave plasmas used for large area deposition of nanocrystalline diamond films
  • 11.50-12.10, H. Biederman (Czech Republic)
    In-flight modification of metallic nanoparticles by low pressure RF plasma
  • 12.10-12.30, A. Dias (Portugal)
    Free-standing graphene: synthesis and functionalization using plasma-based methods

MONDAY, July 10, 16.30-19.00, Room 1

  • 16.30-17.00, C. Ionita (Austria)
    Recent developments in probe diagnostics 
  • 17.00-17.30, S. K. Karkari (India)
    Diagnosing negative ions using electrical probes
  • 17.30-18.00, T. Trottenberg (Germany)
    Non-conventional plasma and sheath diagnostics
  • 18.00-18.30, S. Nunomura (Japan)
    Characterization of electronic transport in semiconductor films during plasma processing 
  • 18.30-19.00, I. Adamovich (USA)
    Electric field measurements in surface discharges in atmospheric air over solid and liquid dielectrics

MONDAY, July 10, 16.30-19.00, Room 2

  • 16.30-17.00, M. Chaker (Canada)
    Pulsed laser and sputtering deposition of optical materials 
  • 17.00-17.30, T. Huiskamp (Netherlands)
    Nanosecond pulsed discharges: generation, measurements and plasma processing 
  • 17.30-18.00, K. Hara (USA)
    Direct kinetic simulation of nonlinear plasma waves and Hall thruster discharge plasmas
  • 18.00-18.30, S. Tsikata (France)
    Rotating spoke instabilities in standard and wall-less Hall thrusters: experiments and PIC simulations
  • 18.30-19.00, L. Couedel (France)
    Two-dimensional plasma crystals: waves and instabilities

TUESDAY, July 11, 11.00-12.30, Room 1

  • 11.00-11.30, A. von Keudell (Germany)
    Dynamic of HiPIMS plasmas
  • 11.30-11.50, H. Toyoda (Japan)
    Quantitative evaluation of high-energy oxygen negative ion flux in DC magnetron sputtering of indium-tin-oxide
  • 11.50-12.10, Y. Jang (South Korea)
    Investigation of ion dynamics in collisionless RF sheath
  • 12.10-12.30, S. Béchu (France)
    Effects of plasma-facing materials on the negative ion (H-/D-) current extracted from an ECR plasma source

TUESDAY, July 11, 11.00-12.30, Room 2

  • 11.00-11.30, E. Wagenaars (UK)
    Diagnostics of atmospheric pressure plasma jets
  • 11.30-11.50, M. Kühn-Kauffeldt (Germany)
    Stark broadening of multiple Ar I lines as a diagnostics tool for transient welding arcs containing metal vapor
  • 11.50-12.10, A. Skrylev (Russia)
    Investigation of the excited state population density of Xe plasma by active and passive spectroscopy
  • 12.10-12.30, P. Bílek (Czech Republic)
    Sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification for electric field determination in air from FNS and SPS intensity ratio

TUESDAY, July 11, 16.30-17.30, Room 1

  • 16.30-17.00, F. Esposito (Italy)
    Reactivity, relaxation and dissociation of molecules in plasma modelling 
  • 17.00-17.30, I. Schneider (France)
    Electron/molecular-cation collisions in cold plasmas: super-excited states at “zero” energy 

TUESDAY, July 11, 16.30-17.30, Room 2

  • 16.30-17.00, J. Pawlat (Poland)
    Atmospheric pressure plasmas for agriculture, medicine and surface technology 
  • 17.00-17.30, K. Kostov (Brazil)
    Atmospheric pressure plasmas for surface and medical applications

WEDNESDAY, July 12, 11.00-12.10, Room 1

  • 11.00-11.30, V. Herrero (Spain)
    Plasma generation and processing of interstellar carbonaceous dust analogs
  • 11.30-11.50, F.J. Pérez-Invernón (Spain)
    Modelling the chemical and electrical impact of lightning in the upper atmospheric plasma of planetary atmospheres
  • 11.50-12.10, K. Sasaki (Japan)
    Bubble formation in the discharge between planar and needle electrodes via laser ablation-induced cavitation bubble

WEDNESDAY, July 12, 11.00-12.20, Room 2

  • 11.00-11.20, M. Magureanu (Romania)
    Mineralization of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid by plasma-ozonation
  • 11.20-11.40, B. Vayner (USA)
    Electron temperature of thruster plume plasma in far field
  • 11.40-12.00, A. Surov (Russia)
    AC electric arcs burning in and outside of the discharge channels of high voltage three-phase plasma torches
  • 12.00-12.20, S. Espinho (Portugal)
    Photoluminescence of plasma produced graphene quantum dots

THURSDAY, July 13, 09.00-10.30, Room 1

  • 09.00-09.30, P. Veis (Slovakia)
    Simultaneous vacuum UV and broadband UV-NIR plasma spectroscopy for LIBS improvement 
  • 09.30-09.50, E.V. Barnat (USA)
    Ultrafast laser diagnostics to interrogate high pressure, highly collisional plasma environments
  • 09.50-10.10, E. Panousis (Switzerland)
    Active and passive optical diagnostics in a model HV circuit breaker
  • 10.10-10.30, R.D. Tarey (India)
    A novel non-invasive technique for detection and analysis of harmonics in Radio Frequency plasmas

THURSDAY, July 13, 09.00-10.30, Room 2

  • 09.00-09.30, P. Baroch (Czech Republic)
    Specific plasma phenomena in dual magnetron sputtering system 
  • 09.30-09.50, I.L. Velicu (Romania)
    High power impulse magnetron sputtering: an overview on the benefits of ultra-short pulse mode
  • 09.50-10.10, T. Shirafuji (Japan)
    Application of plasma-bullet propagation to hydrophilic treatments of an interconnected porous scaffold
  • 10.10-10.30, S. Kajita (Japan)
    Fuzzy nanostructure growth on precious metals by He plasma irradiation

THURSDAY, July 13, 11.00-12.30, Room 1

  • 11.00-11.30, I. Jögi (Estonia)
    Plasma and catalyst for the oxidation of NOx 
  • 11.30-11.50, A.S. Morillo-Candas (France)
    O atom kinetics in CO2 pulsed glow discharges
  • 11.50-12.10, S. Ryu (South Korea)
    Control methods of RONS in Dielectric Barrier Discharge
  • 12.10-12.30, N. Pinhão (Portugal)
    Measurement of the CH rotational temperature in DBD discharges in CH4/CO2/He mixtures and simulation of the gas temperature

THURSDAY, July 13, 11.00-12.30, Room 2

  • 11.00-11.30, P. Papp (Slovakia)
    Electron interactions for plasma diagnostics and modelling 
  • 11.30-11.50, V. Vermeiren (Belgium)
    A computational chemical kinetics study of a supersonic microwave plasma for CO2 dissociation
  • 11.50-12.10, Z. Bonaventura (Czech Republic)
    Effect of runaway electron preionization on discharge breakdown in air at atmospheric pressure: simulation study
  • 12.10-12.30, T. Orriere (France)
    Flow characterization of the electro-thermal plume induced by nanosecond repetitively pulsed microplasmas

THURSDAY, July 13, 16.30-17.30, Room 1

  • 16.30-17.00, O. Versolato (Netherlands)
    Generating EUV light from tin plasma for chip manufacturing 
  • 17.00-17.30, A. V. Vodopyanov (Russia)
    A point-like discharge, sustained by powerful radiation of terahertz gyrotron

THURSDAY, July 13, 16.30-17.30, Room 2

  • 16.30-17.00, R. Dussart (France)
    Microhollow cathode discharges on silicon devices 
  • 17.00-17.30, F. Tochikubo (Japan)
    Simulation of glow discharge electrolysis for material processing in liquid

FRIDAY, July 14, 09.00-10.30, Room 1

  • 09.00-09.30, F. Ghezzi (Italy)
    Modelling and interpretation of micrometric dust behaviour in tokamaks 
  • 09.30-09.50, T. Minea (France)
    3D modelling of negative ion extraction in ITER-like NBI via massive parallel calculations
  • 09.50-10.10,  W. Yang (China)
    Kinetic study on gas discharge
  • 10.10-10.30, C. Rutjes (Netherlands)
    Realistic 3D particle modelling of discharge inception near ice particles and other dielectric objects

FRIDAY, July 14, 09.00-10.30, Room 2

  • 09.00-09.30, D. V. Tereshonok (Russia)
    Pre-breakdown phenomena and discharges in gas-liquid systems 
  • 09.30-09.50, M. Janda (Slovakia)
    Comparative cross-correlation spectroscopy study of positive and negative polarity transient spark discharge in ambient air
  • 09.50-10.10, A. Gómez-Ramírez (Spain)
    On the influence of ferroelectric materials in a packed-bed DBD reactor
  • 10.10-10.30, O. Stepanova (Russia)
    DBD plasma jet in helium, argon and nitrogen: energy balance and bactericidal activity