General Business Terms and Conditions for the ICPIG 2017 

1. Registration fees
The fees for attendance are available here.
Please note that transactions from abroad must occur free of charges.

2. Place of the event
The Venue is defined here.
Arrival and lodging have to be organized and payed by the attendees.

3. Cancellation and refund is as follows

Cancellation date
Before May 21, 2017 Full fee refund
(bank transfer charges will be deduced)
Before June 2, 2017 70% refund
Before June 16, 2017 50% refund
After June 16, 2017 No refund

4. Letters of invitation
Attendees from abroad have to consider that a letter of invitation which might be required for a Visa is only for the duration of the ICPIG 2017.
Letters of invitation can be sent in writing or via email and determine no further duties of the organizer.

5. Limitation clause
a) The attendee cannot state claim for damages against the organizer, when the performance of the event was complicated or frustrated by unforeseeable political, economic or natural power. Nor the organizer is liable for amendments of the program run which might take place because invited speakers et cetera had cancelled.
b) Claims for damages- regardless of what reasons- are excluded, as far as the damage is not caused by
premeditated or gross negligent conduct of the organizer, his legal representative or his agent. This exemption clause is not applicable in cases of damages for injuries of life, body or health.

6. Data processing and protection
By registering the attendee declares his acceptance that -in accordance to the performance of the event- his given personal information can be recorded, saved, processed and passed on only to third parties who are involved directly into the program run and where it is necessary for the organization of the event.